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Kids Cuisine Taco Roll Ups/Dippers

In accordance with the USDA directive relating to the recent Class II beef recall, ConAgra is voluntarily issuing a recovery of Kids Cuisine Taco Roll Ups/Dippers. Upon learning of the USDA recall, ConAgra launched an investigation and learned of a supplier that had sourced beef from Hallmark/ Westland Meat Packing Company. The USDA has said the health risk is negligible.

To ensure the safety of its shoppers, Harris Teeter has removed all Kids Cuisine Taco Roll Ups/Dippers from its stores. Product quality and integrity are paramount to Harris Teeter. If you have these items in your freezer, please return the product to Harris Teeter for a Full Refund.  For additional information regarding this recall, please direct any consumer inquires to the ConAgra consumer hot line at 1 (800) 238-0053.

Items Include:
 Product     UPC Code      Details
Kids Cuisine Taco Roll Ups/Dippers   3100019618     Lot numbers: 5014726700, 5014733000, 5014801300, 5014803800,5014726700, 5014730300 and 5014803800