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Boston Market Lasagna with Meat Sauce
Boston Market Lasagna with Meat Sauce is being recalled because a supplier provided blended ground beef, which contained a small portion from Westland /Hallmark Meat Packing, a company involved in a nationwide beef recall. While the USDA has stated that the ground beef from Westland/Hallmark presents only a remote probability that it could cause adverse health effects, it has asked a for a voluntary recall of the beef from Westland/Hallmark.

To ensure the safety of its shoppers, Harris Teeter has removed all Boston Market Lasagna with Meat Sauce from its stores. Product quality and integrity are paramount to Harris Teeter. If you have purchased this item, please return the product to Harris Teeter for a Full Refund.  For additional information regarding this recall,  please contact the Boston Market Frozen Food Consumer Helpline at 1 (800) 488-0050.

Items Include:
Product                                                         UPC Code              Details
Boston Market Lasagna with Meat Sauce     7198404585          Lot number: All