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Pemmican Hickory Beef Jerky Recalled

In accordance with the USDA directive relating to the recent Class II beef recall, ConAgra is voluntarily issuing a recovery of Pemmican Hickory Beef Jerky. Upon learning of the USDA recall, ConAgra launched an investigation and learned of a supplier that had sourced beef from Hallmark/ Westland Meat Packing Company. The USDA has said the health risk is negligible.

To ensure the safety of its shoppers, Harris Teeter has removed all Pemmican Hickory Beef Jerky from affected lot number. Product quality and integrity are paramount to Harris Teeter. If you have these items in your pantry, please return the product to Harris Teeter for a Full Refund.  For additional information regarding this recall, please advise direct any consumer inquires to the ConAgra consumer hot line at 1 (800) 320-1155.

Items Include:
Product                                                 UPC Code              Details
Pemmican Hickory Beef Jerky               26200-58760         Lot number: 2172734800