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Harris Teeter Honors Local Teacher for Her Commitment to Education
Carmel Middle School Teacher honored for Furthering Excellence in Education, through the Teachers of Excellence program!

The 10th year anniversary of Harris Teeter’s Together in Education program brings over $10 million in donations to local schools and the launch of Harris Teeter’s Teachers of Excellence Award. From the inception of Harris Teeter’s Together in Education program in 1998, partnerships have been built with
schools through out the Southeast and the company continues to play an active role in the communities it serves.

To celebrate its 10 year anniversary, Harris Teeter will name 10 Teachers of Excellence through the Together in Education program. The award will provide public recognition and financial rewards to teachers that are committed to furthering excellence in education.

Harris Teeter appreciates our teachers and is honored to award the Teachers of Excellence throughout its marketing areas! Selected teachers who have committed their time and energy to the educational system and the future leaders of our society will receive a cash reward in the amount of $1,000, in honor of their efforts and commitment.  A $1,000 cash prize will also be given to the teacher’s school.  Winners will be selected on the first Wednesday of each month from October 2007 through March 2008, with 2 winners being selected during April and May. 

We are honored and privileged to announce Josephine Hoover, mathematics teacher at Carmel Middle School, as the December Teachers in Excellence Award Winner! Mrs. Hoover has served as a mathematics teacher for the past 33 years and is admired by both her peers and students, for her efforts to improve our communities in education and beyond.

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