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Celebrities give Harris Teeter’s new private label line of household products, their seal of approval
yourhome, a money saving choice that is just as good as the national brand

Harris Teeter is excited to release its new private label line of household products, called yourhome.  Shoppers can find approximately 120 products on the shelves of their neighborhood food market.   Yourhome includes a variety of offerings such as: laundry products, picnic supplies and household cleaners.


Harris Teeter is currently airing four commercials to help bring awareness to its new line.  With a fun, unique approach to each commercial the point being made is clear; yourhome products have the same quality of the national brand products, but save customers money.


First in the series and currently airing customers will find Hulk Hogan, semi-retired professional wrestler, promoting the yourhome paper towels. Being as strong as one can imagine Hulk Hogan to be, he uses his muscles to compare the national brand and the yourhome brand.  After comparing the two brands of paper towels, Hulk Hogan does his signature move and rips off his t-shirt.


Other celebrities giving their seal of approval are Mike Mangini, who holds three out of four World’s Fastest Drummer titles. Sonya ‘The Black Widow’ Thomas, she is the third fastest eater in the United States and fourth fastest eater in the world.  The final star is Arthur “Art” W. Bell III, an American radio broadcaster and an author. 


Mangini drums to his conclusion on yourhome laundry detergent. The Black Widow tests the stability of the yourhome paper plates by eating a hotdog off of each plate within 8 seconds. Bell promotes aluminum foil for Harris Teeter by shaping it into a hat with an antenna. Why, you may ask? It’s Art Bell, he needed to see if the yourhome aluminum foil protected his brain from paranormal frequencies.


Harris Teeter prides itself on being the best in customer service, offering top quality products and fair pricing for its customers.  Shoppers should look for and try the new yourhome products and remember, “the difference is… in the savings.”