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yourpet Product Recall


Press Statement


Media Contacts:

Jo Sorenson



Charlotte, NC – Menu Foods Income Fund (the “Fund”) working with the knowledge of the FDA, has issued a precautionary recall of a portion of dog and cat food.  The recall is limited to “cuts and gravy”, “slices”, “flaked” and other formats that are formed, cooked and cut in a steam tunnel process.  To ensure the safety of its shoppers pets Harris Teeter has removed the following yourpet dog food products manufactured from December 3, 2006 and March 7, 2007. 


Items Include:

Product                                                                                   UPC Code

HT YourPet Sliced Beef Cat Food     

3 oz

72036 29026

HT YourPet Variety Pack Sliced Cat Food

72 oz

72036 40013

HT YourPet Chicken Cuts in Gravy Dog Food

13.2 oz

72036 27077

HT YourPet Beef Cuts in Gravy Dog Food

22 oz

72036 27079

HT YourPet Sliced Chicken Dog Food

5.5 oz

72036 27086

HT YourPet Chicken Cuts in Gravy Dog Food

22 oz

72036 29107

HT YourPet Chicken Heart and Liver Cat Food

3 oz

72036 29028

HT YourPet Flaked Tuna Cat Food

3 oz

72036 40010



It is important for shoppers to realize that this is a precautionary measure. At this time, the investigation is ongoing. Harris Teeter’s first priority is the safety of its customers, associates and their pets. Harris Teeter is closely monitoring the Funds updates and will continue to follow their recommendations.


Harris Teeter, Inc. with headquarters in Matthews, NC, is a subsidiary of Ruddick Corporation (NYSE:RDK). Harris Teeter is the 40th largest supermarket in the United States with 2006 sales of  $2.92 billion. The grocery store chain employs over 18,000 associates and has 155 stores in North and South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Maryland and Florida.