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Start the New Year Right with Harris Teeter yourwellness
Pick up a FREE brochure and stick to your resolutions this year.

Harris Teeter realizes that we all start the New Year with good intentions.  Many of us try to fit in exercise, slim down and make yourwellness a priority.  As the year progresses some of us may lose our resolve.  Not this year!


Harris Teeter has once again partnered with Russell H. Greenfield, MD and Beth Avery, RD to develop a plan that will help shoppers stick to their New Year’s resolutions.  Our new FREE yourwellness brochure helps shoppers jump the getting started hurdle for three common resolutions, eating healthy, saving money and exercise.


Many people want to eat healthy they just need a little help getting started. The New Year is a great time to explore new ways to eat.  With all the information available it can be difficult to choose what is best.  To help cut through the clutter we created a 7-Day meal plan.  This simple program can be used to spark ideas and should be modified to suit the needs and tastes of our shopper’s and their families.


Some people are under the assumption that eating healthy while on a budget is difficult to do.  This just isn’t so.  There are many ways to maintain a healthy diet and save money.  The new yourwellness brochure gives tips to choose from like: keeping a list, stocking up on favorite items and planning meals ahead of time.


Lastly our brochure can help those who want to become more physically active in 2007. Our brochure starts our by listing the benefits of physical activity. After they learn about the benefits and easy ways to burn calories we help them get started on a program. It’s as easy as introducing a moderate amount of physical activity into their daily life.  By doing so they may improve their overall health, well-being and quality of life.


The yourwellness program is designed to make choosing nutritional items easier for its shoppers and their families.  Twenty-three wellness keys can be found throughout all Harris Teeter stores.  The wellness keys represent a variety of attributes including sugar free, fat free, vegan, heart healthy and can be found on select packages of Harris Teeter brand and HT Natural products. 


Of course some shoppers don’t have time to search product packages for wellness keys.  So to make it even easier, Harris Teeter has placed wellness key shelf tags throughout all stores in front of yourwellness products.


Harris Teeter is committed to providing its customers with the best shopping experience possible.  The yourwellness program is just another way to show shoppers we care.