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FDA Alert
Harris Teeter removes all bagged salads containing fresh spinach

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has issued an alert to consumers about an outbreak of E. coli associated with the consumption of produce.  Preliminary evidence suggests that bagged fresh spinach may be a possible cause of this outbreak.  To ensure the safety of its shoppers Harris Teeter will be removing all bagged salads containing fresh spinach until further notice. 


Items Include:


Fresh Express Baby Spinach                                                              7127927100

Fresh Express 50/50 Baby Mix                                                           7127927103

Fresh Express Spinach 20oz                                                               7127913502

Fresh Express Flat Leaf Spinach                                                        7127927111

Fresh Express Big Baby Spinach                                                       7127927111

Fresh Express Baby Spring Mix                                                         7127923100

Fresh Express Big Baby Spring Mix - 10oz                                      7127927110

Fresh Express Veggie Spring Mix                                                      7127927105

Fresh Express Spinach 20oz                                                               7127913501

Fresh Express Flat Leaf Spinach                                                        7127913204

Fresh Express Bleu Cheese Vinaigrette                                            7127930700

HT Cello Spinach                                                                                 7203688023

HTT Baby Spinach                                                                              7203688125

HTT Baby Mixed Greens                                                                    7203688124

EBF Org Spinach Clamshell                                                                3260190020

EBF Baby Spinach Kit Clamshell                                                       3260108875

EBF Org Fresh Herb Clamshell                                                          3260190045

Baby Spinach – Bulk                                                                           29474900000

EBF Org Mesculin Clamshell                                                             3260190010

EBF Mixed Baby Greens                                                                     3260108825

Bunch Spinach                                                                                     20409000000

Org Bunch Spinach                                                                             29409000000

Spinach Dip                                                                                          20437600000

Org Mesculin Bulk                                                                               20464200000


It is important for shoppers to realize that this is a precautionary measure.  Harris Teeter’s first priority is the safety of both our customers and associates. We are closely monitoring FDA updates and will continue to follow their recommendations.