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Harris Teeter’s third yourwellness brochure is now available for shoppers
The fall brochure features tips and recipes for common health ailments.

Harris Teeter realizes that its shoppers live busy lives and many have family or friends afflicted with common health ailments.  Sometimes shoppers don’t have as much time as they would like to search for healthy foods that pertain to these common ailments.  With its customers’ health in mind, Harris Teeter has been diligently working on the your
wellness program for the past year to simplify their shopping experience.

Russell H. Greenfield, M.D

Our third brochure features tips and recipes for common health ailments including: constipation, BPH, anemia, hypertension, pregnancy, menopause, urinary tract infection, acne, memory, and macular degeneration.  The FREE booklet can be found in kiosks throughout all Harris Teeter stores.  The pages of the booklet also include recommended foods from Russell H. Greenfield, MD, that may help prevent or minimize the effects of these ailments.  Harris Teeter’s very own Chef Phil Anderson has developed recipes for each ailment using Dr. Russ’s recommended foods.  In addition, September is Food Safety Month, so Harris Teeter included four basic steps to safe food handling.


The yourwellness program is designed to make choosing nutritional items easier for its shoppers and their families.  Twenty-three wellness keys can now be found throughout all Harris Teeter stores and are listed in the brochure.  The wellness keys represent a variety of attributes including sugar free, fat free, vegan, heart healthy and can be found on select packages of Harris Teeter brand and HT Natural products. 


Of course some shoppers don’t have time to search product packages for wellness keys.  So to make it even easier, Harris Teeter has placed wellness key shelf tags throughout all stores in front of yourwellness products.  Now all a shopper needs to do is familiarize themselves with the wellness key that pertains to their specific needs.


Harris Teeter is committed to providing its customers with the best shopping experience possible.  The yourwellness program is just another way to show shoppers we care.  Shoppers can obtain copies of our initial brochure and summer brochures on our website. This program is for informational purposes and should not be considered medical advice.  Harris Teeter would like to encourage its shoppers to check with their doctor before making changes to their diet.