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Sixteen Harris Teeter stores receive ENERGY STAR approval
The company is striving to become an Energy Star Leader by the summer of 2007.

Harris Teeter is looking for energy efficient ways to serve its customers while still providing them with the best shopping experience possible.  Energy Star has been a vital partner in helping Harris Teeter identify ways to conserve electricity and natural gas usage in its stores.


Last week, sixteen Harris Teeter stores earned the rigorous and prestigious ENERGY STAR designation for superior energy performance and management.  Seven stores are located in the Charlotte, NC metro area, two in Wilmington, NC, one in DC metro, one in Virginia Beach, VA, one in Charlottesville, VA, one in Carrboro, NC, one in Burlington, NC, one in Kernersville, NC and one in Durham, NC.


ENERGY STAR is a government-backed program helping businesses and consumers protect the environment through superior energy efficiency.  In addition to fostering superior energy performance of individual buildings, the Environmental Protection Agency also encourages organizations to achieve energy efficiency improvements of 10% or more across an organization’s entire portfolio of buildings.


Harris Teeter has accepted this challenge and is ready for change.  ENERGY STAR uses a benchmarking tool to rate each store based on the total energy usage per square foot.  Many items factor into this tool including: weather, store hours, associates, lighting, computers, and cooking/refrigeration equipment.


ENERGY STAR evaluates annual energy usage data for each store.  Harris Teeter has benchmarked its portfolio and is currently making energy efficient changes in all stores.  It is Harris Teeter’s goal to become an ENERGY STAR leader by the summer of 2007.  To be recognized as an ENERGY STAR leader, Harris Teeter must achieve a company-wide benchmark rating of 75 or greater, or demonstrate significant portfolio-wide score improvements above an established baseline.   


Harris Teeter is committed to providing its customers with outstanding customer service and a variety of top quality products.  The ENERGY STAR program is just another way for Harris Teeter to show it cares about the communities where its associates and shoppers live and work.