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Harris Teeter Naturals Beef Offers a New Choice for Shoppers
The Harris Teeter Naturals line continues to expand to offer everything your family needs for a healthy lifestyle.


The Harris Teeter Naturals product line originally launched in 2002 on Earth Day, to provide new options to meet the needs of our shoppers. The Naturals line of products, available exclusively at Harris Teeter, includes a wide variety of products that can be found through out the store. Harris Teeter Naturals features everything from juice, vegetables, cereal, and soy milk.


Harris Teeter is excited to announce the newest member of the Naturals line of products, Harris Teeter Naturals Beef. Available in stores now, the Harris Teeter Naturals Beef line features 90% lean ground beef, ribeye steaks, top round London broil, New York Strip steak, and much more. Realizing that shoppers look for and choose a variety of products depending on their lifestyles, the new Harris Teeter Naturals Beef gives shoppers looking for natural products a top-quality upscale choice in beef.


Harris Teeter Naturals Beef is setting a new standard for all natural beef and comes with a double your money back guarantee. By setting the standards high, Harris Teeter partners with only the finest family owned farms in the country to ensure that shoppers have the premium natural beef available. All cattle that earn the brand Harris Teeter Naturals Beef are:


  • Raised on farms that are certified for humane treatment
  • Never given artificial growth hormones or antibiotics
  • Fed 100% vegetarian diet


Harris Teeter Naturals beef promises to provide a top quality product from the farm to the shopper’s table. Families are sure to love the great taste and consistency of Harris Teeter Naturals Beef. Shoppers will find that the beef is tender enough to cut with a fork.  The Harris Teeter Naturals Beef is the only natural beef to offer source verified beef, traceable to the ranch of origin to ensure that what you purchase is what Harris Teeter guarantees.