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Harris Teeter is here to help kick off the school year right…
All shoppers need to do is re-link their VIC card to participate in the Together In Education (TIE) program and ensure our child

It’s that time again.  Time for school bells and bus stops, time to get lunch boxes lined up and check that backpacks are filled with last night’s homework.  It’s also time to re-link your Harris Teeter VIC card to help raise money for the school of your choice.

Last year schools earned over $1.1 million for needs that fall outside their budgets.  Since 1998, when Harris Teeter started the TIE program, schools have earned over $6.5 million dollars.   What have they done with it?  It just might surprise some – how many schools use TIE money to accomplish some very basic needs like air conditioning, equipping bathrooms for handicap use, buying books, and even a school bus!


How does Together in Education work?  Customers sign up with their VIC card and when they purchase select Harris Teeter brand products, a percentage of those purchase dollars goes to the schools of their choice.  Does this mean shoppers must have school age children to participate?  No, absolutely not!  Customers can support their niece, nephew, grandchildren or their next door neighbor’s school.  Shoppers can even link up to five schools from preschool through 12th grade, and Harris Teeter will evenly distribute the money across the different school accounts.  So don’t worry about choosing between grandchildren, we have made it possible to make everyone happy.


Harris Teeter is proud of our efforts to support area schools and encourages everyone to link their VIC card to a school and “be a part of the solution.”  Shoppers can re-link at the check-out next time they buy groceries.