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Donations Poured in Proving the Charlotte Community Has Heart
Loaves & Fishes Has Heart Food Drive raised over 80 tons of food in eight days.

Harris Teeter has been a drop off location for the Loaves and Fishes Has Heart Food Drive for four years.  This year the Charlotte community went above and beyond. 


The food drive ran from Saturday, February 5th through Sunday, February 13th.  Thirty-three Harris Teeter stores in the Charlotte area were equipped with two barrels at the front of the store and our customers kept them full.  Including other locations throughout    

town Loaves & Fishes received over 80 tons in food donations.


"The response to our local annual Loaves & Fishes Has Heart food drive has

been especially gratifying this year.  Harris Teeter has led the way in giving caring local people an opportunity to help those in need in our own community as well as their efforts to provide relief to tsunami victims halfway around the world.  Loaves & Fishes could not have provided food for 70,000 people last year without the support of Harris Teeter and its customers," notes Beverly Howard, Executive Director of Loaves & Fishes.


The Boy Scouts of America are a vital part in the food drive success.  They received 120,000 Harris Teeter paper bags to distribute throughout the community for their Scouting for Food drive.  The bags were equipped with donation instructions and a collection date.  The Boy Scouts delivered the donations on February 5th helping to fill two Loaves & Fishes tractor-trailers at the Arboretum.


Harris Teeter would like to thank it’s customers for their generosity and commend the hard work of Loaves & Fishes. These are the people that help stock the shelves of our local food banks year round.