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Tank the Bear Stars in Harris Teeter's newest commercial
Harris Teeter contributes $1,000 to its stars charity, Vital Ground.


Charlotte, NC - Tank the Bear, born in captivity in January of 1995, is an interior American grizzly bear. Tank has been staring in numerous commercials and feature films since he was six months. He was the star of the feature film Like a Mother Bear and was seen in Stray Dog, a television movie for Nickelodeon. Tank co-stared with Eddie Murphy in Dr. Dolittle 2 and his latest project will be shown across the southeast. 


Tank the Bear and the Harris Teeter VIC Lounger

Harris Teeter's new commercial presents Tank the Bear in his natural setting, lounging in the woods.  Tank stumbles upon two campers and their Harris Teeter, VIC Lounger.  Tank takes a seat in the couples lounger and refuses to get up.  As the commercial insinuates the lounger is portable and extremely comfortable.  Tank took such a liking to his new chair, that Harris Teeter had to leave one behind for its newest star.


Two different versions of the 30 second commercial, staring Tank, will air from January 5 - April 26, coinciding with Harris Teeter's newest continuity, the VIC Lounger Giveaway.   The VIC Lounger Giveaway, encourages shoppers to use their VIC card and spend $40 or more in one shopping trip for 14 out of 16 weeks to receive their own lounger.


The Harris Teeter marketing team visited Tank's home in Park City, Utah this fall to shoot the VIC Lounger Giveaway commercial.  Doug and Lynn Seus, Tank's parents, treated the Harris Teeter team like family and gave them a personal tour of Tank's home. The Seus family purchase of 240 acres of prime grizzly bear habitat along the Rocky Mountains seeks to preserve a wildlife legacy for future generations.


Vital Ground is completely dependent upon its member support for their land conservation efforts.  There are many different ways to contribute to this worthy cause.  Harris Teeter chose to preserve an acre, to ensure Tank would have a place to enjoy his new lounger.  To make a donation to Vital Ground log onto or to check out the new Harris Teeter commercial featuring Tank log onto