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Brown Sugar Gourmet Strawberries available exclusively at Harris Teeter
We put our green thumbs to work and have found the sweetest strawberries you'll ever taste.
Spring is here and most families are adding fresh strawberries into their everyday meal planning. These plump, juicy berries find themselves in breakfast cereal, as a midday snack or whipped into a delectable dessert.

The Harris Teeter Farmers Market has a new addition that is sure to become a "must have" for our customers. Brown Sugar Gourmet Strawberries are sweeter and juicer than other varieties and can only be found at a Harris Teeter near you.

Harris Teeter works with farmers to get top-quality produce to our stores and on your table fast and fresh. Our Brown Sugar Strawberries are no exception. These bright, beautiful berries are grown exclusively for Harris Teeter by Beach Street Farms, growers of fine California berries.

"Our Brown Sugar Gourmet Strawberries are hand-selected to be consistent in shape, size and rich in color," said Fritz Koontz, Grower, Beach Street Farms. "But, the real difference is the taste. Brown Sugar Gourmet Strawberries are the sweetest, juiciest strawberries you've ever tasted," added Koontz. Today Beach Street Farms enjoys a reputation as one of California's premium strawberry growers.

Harris Teeter carries over 600 fresh produce items each and every day. No matter what time of year, customers can find the widest variety of fresh, top-quality produce at our Harris Teeter Farmers Market. Our certified Green Thumb Experts are on hand to answer questions about all of our produce items.

Brown Sugar Gourmet Strawberries are a special variety and are only available from May through June. This special berry supply is limited and may not be available at all Harris Teeter locations. So don't miss out! Next time you are in Harris Teeter, ask one of our Green Thumb Experts to taste our newest addition.