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Harris Teeter Gives over $321,683.41 to Local Schools
Together in Education donations climb to over $4.7 million
Parents and supporters shopping at Harris Teeter are giving back to schools in 2004. What does this mean for the children? Books, playground equipment, band uniforms, field trips, teacher workshops, scholarships and other items that don't fit into area schools ever shrinking budgets.

Harris Teeter is proud to announce that its second scheduled contribution for this school year, our Together in Education (TIE) Program is giving area schools $321,683.41. A total of 654 checks went out to 86 cities and 45 counties throughout the six states Harris Teeter serves.

The Harris Teeter Together in Education Bus has been burning up the roads visiting various schools in all of our marketing areas. One stop was at Our Lady Grace catholic school located in Greensboro, NC. A check was presented to the school in the amount of $2,760.90. Last year Our Lady Grace used their TIE donation to repair and paint the middle school lockers.

How does Together in Education work? Customers sign up with their VIC card and when they purchase Harris Teeter brand products, a percentage of those purchase dollars goes to the schools of their choice. Shoppers simply link the school of their choice to their VIC card. Families can link up to five schools from preschool through 12th grade and Harris Teeter will evenly distribute the money across the different school accounts.

Harris Teeter is proud of our efforts to support area schools and encourages everyone to link their VIC card to their school and "be a part of the solution."