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Harris Teeter & Heinz Help Kids with Learning Disabilities
Donation of $7,500 will help The Mind Connection school purchase computers for special needs children.
Charlotte, NC – Harris Teeter and Heinz dropped in at The Mind Connection school on Monroe Rd. with an early Christmas gift. A check for $7,500 for money raised from a recent store promotion will allow the center to buy computers to assist their students – all of whom experience various learning differences.

Founded about four years ago, The Mind Connection is a learning resource center for children of all ages. It's usually the last resort for parents and students who are frustrated with conventional learning styles and need specialized attention in order to succeed.

"We work to give our students the tools that they need to be successful in their world, and for children with autism, dyslexia, and other learning disabilities that means designing an ever changing, one-on-one approach that best suits their individual needs," notes Rosemary Forcucci, Co-Owner of The Mind Connection.

The money donated today will be used to buy much needed computer equipment. "Children with learning disabilities often communicate much better with a keyboard than they do with paper and pencil," notes, The Mind Connection, Co-Owner, Hasson Perkins. "Whether they are in elementary school just learning how to read or in high school trying to prepare for taking their SATs, the computers will help us tailor a plan for each child," Perkins adds.

Heinz representative Robert Smith is a father of an autistic child, "I know first-hand how much The Mind Connection has helped my son." He adds, "the staff here taught him how to read, and their techniques have helped him be proud of his academic accomplishments."

Harris Teeter works hard in the communities we serve to help promote education and is proud to help The Mind Connection.

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