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A Lowcountry Legend Now Available in a Store Near You!
Authentic Charleston She Crab Soup now ready-to-go in Harris Teeter's seafood department.
Charlotte, NC – As anyone who has traveled to the Lowcountry or ever spent time in Charleston, South Carolina can tell you – the She Crab Soup is definitely something to write home about. The stories are all true, the competition between restaurants and dinner parties – very real.

Making a good cup of She Crab Soup is an art. Many have survived the frustrating trial and error attempting to recreate the delicate balance of cream, crab, and sherry at home. Well, Harris Teeter just made it much easier to impress your dinner guests.

We are proud to introduce our newest seafood soup that is exclusive to Harris Teeter. Charleston She Crab Soup. The elixir found on restaurant menus throughout the Southeast is now available for take-out and ready in minutes – right in your own home.

Using an authentic, tried-and-true Lowcountry recipe, our Charleston She Crab Soup is the first high quality, refrigerated/frozen she crab soup in the nation! This cream-based Southern classic features fresh blue crab meat blended with a buttery roe and balanced with a hint of sweet sherry.

"She-crab" is indeed a delicacy because the female blue crabs are considered more flavorful than their male counterparts. The yellow-orange hued eggs of the female crab give the soup its signature flavor, color, and richness. "She-crabs" are difficult to find in many parts of the country, but are found in ample numbers in the salt around the peninsula city.

Over the years, many have come up with a good likeness, we've got the original and customers can now taste it for themselves.

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