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Photo Op Today at 2:00pm - Re-linking wins one shopper a new Saturn !
Together in Education program makes everyone a winner.
What: Together in Education – Saturn Giveaway!
One shopper linked her VIC card and won a Saturn LW300

When: 2:00pm

Where: 105 West NC HWY 54
Durham NC 27713
Store Phone: 919-544-7715
Store Manager: George Shevos

To give shoppers an extra incentive to re-link their VIC card this year, Harris Teeter threw in a little something extra –a car! Kathleen Prichard is our winner and she will take her new Saturn home at 2:00pm from our Homestead Market Harris Teeter.

Last year, Harris Teeter gave over $1,221,041 back to schools throughout our markets. That means money for band uniforms, musical instruments, books, teacher workshops, scholarships, and much more. It also means that Harris Teeter's Together in Education program has now topped the $4 million mark donating $4,327,309 back to schools for needs that fall outside their ever shrinking budgets.

"Our customers truly care about the quality of education their children are receiving. They realize that the money raised through our program can help save art and music programs, send athletic teams to competitions and play-offs, or help buy expensive computer equipment that their school might not otherwise be able to afford," notes Harris Teeter President, Fred Morganthall.

Harris Teeter is excited about helping support schools in the markets we serve and we look forward to the program's continued growth and success.