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Love is in the air and Harris Teeter customers are going to love what we have cooked up for Valentine's Day
Make Valentine's Day fun for the entire family
It sounds impossible, having fun with the kids and doing something special with your sweetie on Valentine's Day. Well, Harris Teeter has found a way for our customers to do both.

First things first, the children. Valentine's Day parties at school are right around the corner and there are many decisions to be made. What cards to choose, what snacks to make and how much to take? We have a wide variety of items to make kids' classroom parties a hit.

After choosing the coolest Valentine's Day cards for their classmates, kids can head to the bakery for the most important decision - dessert. We have iced and decorated cupcakes, holiday sugar cookies and even the popular big message cookie. Kids can choose from a 12" round or 9" heart shaped cookie that the whole family can decorate. Or just tell our bakery experts what message you would like to share and we will whip it up.

Moms and Dads can't leave without taking a moment to think of themselves. After the kids hit the sack on Valentine's Day mom and dad can relish some time alone. Surprise your sweetie with flowers, fresh fruits and desserts from the Harris Teeter bakery.

We have a variety of delectable desserts already made for two. Sweethearts can choose from tiramisu, almond royale, hazelnut cake slices, mini eclairs, mini cream puffs and much more.

And no Valentine's Day would be complete without flowers. The Harris Teeter floral department has beautiful bouquets to choose from, including a dozen long stem roses for $19.99. Our Farmers Market even has big, beautiful berries to start the night off right. Don't forget the chocolate or whipped cream toppings, it always adds extra excitement!