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Harris Teeter Farmers Market Premieres Today
Freshness Verified By Our Green Thumb Experts
As of October 1, 2003, Harris Teeter is proud to premiere the Harris Teeter Farmers Market. Customers will see the difference in our stores and experience the difference with our new Green Thumb Experts.

Gone are the days of "the produce department" - instead, at Harris Teeter we are inviting our customers to shop the Harris Teeter Farmers Market featuring fresh-from-the-farm goodness ripe and ready-to-eat, year round.

Harris Teeter Farmer's Market produce means:
  • Freshness verified by our Green Thumb Experts,
  • All produce is carefully selected to meet our high standards,
  • Our fruits will be consistently sweet, ripe, and ready to eat, and
  • Harris Teeter also pledges to have the widest variety of fruits and vegetables the world has to offer. Some of them are grown right here in our own back yard.

Harris Teeter works with farmers to get top-quality produce to our stores and on your table fast and fresh. Whether it's Vidalia onions from Tombs County, GA, squash and cucumbers from Cook Farms in Monroe, NC, or a variety of greens from Clinton Sease Farms in Lexington, SC every one of our 140 stores has the freshest produce - guaranteed.

Supporting local family farms that hand pick their best produce for Harris Teeter means quality for our customers. And at Harris Teeter we are serious about quality.

"We have specific standards for every produce item and we only buy from growers willing to meet those high standards," says Mark Hilton, Vice President of Produce and Floral. "We insist on larger fruit because it stays fresher, longer," he adds.

When produce arrives, Harris Teeter Green Thumb Experts at the distribution center perform careful inspections using specialized equipment to test many fruits for size and sweetness, something other supermarkets don't always do. We want our fruit to taste great. If it's not perfect -we send it back.

From the fields to the stores...We really do have Green Thumbs.

Beginning October 1, 2003, customers will be greeted by our Green Thumb Experts in the Farmers Market area of our stores. Our new Green Thumb Experts are carefully trained and certified to help our shoppers select the best produce.

They will be on hand to answer questions about an item's nutritional content, help customers learn how to store it properly at home, explain the difference in varieties, and even suggest a few ways they can cook it up for the whole family to enjoy.

The good news is that incorporating consistent amounts of fruits and vegetables in your diet can help prevent many of our nation's deadliest and debilitating diseases. The bad news is that less than 75 percent of Americans eat the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Americans eat the most fruit in the summer. During the winter, fruit consumption slips to a very low 44 percent, far below what the Food Pyramid recommends. At Harris Teeter we want to help families eat better and smarter ¡V

Harris Teeter carries over 600 fresh produce items each and every day. No matter what time of year, customers can find the widest variety of fresh, top-quality produce at our Harris Teeter's Farmers Market.

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