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Together in Education - Re-linking Can Help Local Schools
Whether it's buying a new school bus or air conditioning an old wing, teachers and administrators alike are praising Harris Teeter's Together In Education program for what it does for their students!

Charlotte, NC - It's that time again. Time for school bells and bus stops, time to get lunch boxes lined up and check that backpacks are filled with last night's homework. It's also time to re-link your Harris Teeter VIC card to help raise money for the school of your choice.

Last year schools earned over $1.2 million for needs that fall outside their ever-shrinking budgets. Since 1998, when Harris Teeter started the Together in Education (TIE) program, schools have earned over $4 million dollars. What have they done with it? It just might surprise some - how many schools use TIE money to accomplish some very basic needs like air conditioning, equipping bathrooms for handicap use, buying books, and even a school bus!

How does Together in Education work? Customers sign up with their VIC card and when they purchase Harris Teeter brand products, a percentage of those purchase dollars goes to the schools of their choice. Shoppers simply link the school of their choice to their VIC card. Families can link up to five schools from preschool through 12th grade and Harris Teeter will evenly distribute the money across the different school accounts.

Harris Teeter is proud of our efforts to support area schools and encourages everyone to link their VIC card to their school and "be a part of the solution." Everyone can help, and as the follow page illustrates, Together in Education helps local schools in many ways. Shoppers can re-link at the check-out next time they buy groceries or go to our website at and click on the Together in Education link in the left-hand navigation bar.

$1.2 Million dollars in 2002-03
Where did it go?

"Together in education money allowed us to blaze a nature trail to help teach students about science."
Steven B. McGinnis, Principal
Vienna Elementary School, Pfafftown, NC

"We bought a school bus!"
Leon Silber, Director
The Achievement School, Raleigh, NC

"With the funds from TIE we remodeled a bathroom to make it handicap accessible for students with special needs attending our school."
Julie Shadburne, Administrative Assistant
Blakemore United Methodist Church, Nashville, TN

"Together in Education earnings allowed us to install air conditioning for our education wing."
Betty Casey, Director
Ghent United Methodist Preschool, Norfolk, VA

"We were able to buy mulch, flowers, trees, and shrubs and held a beautification day at our school to improve the appearance of our campus."
Lynda H. Stewart, Principal
Kings Mountain Middle School, Kings Mountain, NC

"We apply TIE money towards larger school needs. We were able to purchase bleachers for a newly built gymnasium."
Dr. Wayne Parker, Headmaster
Southlake Christian Academy, Huntersville, NC

"We use the money earned to supply our classrooms with new innovative toys, books and curriculum to expand our children's' learning. The money helps facilitate both our children and teachers to learn and grow together."
Amy Simms, Director
Campus Child Care Center, Raleigh, NC

"We were able to buy our students books and new playground equipment."
Kathleen Lanfear, Directoress
Reston Montessori School, Reston, VA

"Together in Education funds go to support school enhancement programs such as, Say No to Drugs, MADD Week, music, art, and drama."
Mr. David Theus, Principal
Venetia Elementary School, Jacksonville, FL