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Uptown Harris Teeter Full of Down Home Charm
The city's first full-service grocery store is open and ready for business!

Charlotte, NC - Earlier this morning, Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory was on hand to open the newest Harris Teeter store in Uptown Charlotte.

Residents have been anxiously awaiting the opening of this unique uptown store and Harris Teeter delivers. "We are giving Charlotte a community-inspired, Uptown food market," said Fred Morganthall, President of Harris Teeter. "Our designers and builders worked in tandem with the city of Charlotte to custom-fit our newest grocery store into the pattern and pace of Uptown," he added.

The look is a little bit outdoor market, with a dash of big bank lobby, and a pinch of museum store mixed thoroughly with the fresh-cut, just-from-the-field products our customers expect. The architectural shell of the building was already in place. The team's challenge was to turn the inside into a pedestrian-friendly, signature neighborhood food market. And they have done just that.

One side of the store is built for walk-in traffic, complete with the Coffee Garden and readily available deli items, along with a long bar-style checkout lane that promises to move fast. Designers patterned our front checkout counter like those in Manhattan eateries. Everyone will cue in one line and step up to the long counter to pay. "It allows an ease of entry and exit to and from the store while also providing a face-to-face greeting with our cashiers and time for the excellent customer service our shoppers have come to expect," notes Al Lentz, Vice President for Store Development at Harris Teeter.

The other side is set up to reveal everyday shopping needs of even the most discerning chef. Shoppers will find the floor plan follows the format of most Harris Teeter stores. Moving counterclockwise, customers encounter the deli and prepared foods, produce, meat and seafood, dairy, and frozen departments, respectively.

At nearly 18,000 square feet, this store is smaller than the average prototype, but the product selection is the same, just scaled down a bit. "Our team worked hard to design a new fixture, display, and marketing plan to fit into the layout of this store," Lentz points out. "The footprint is smaller but we are offering the same product selection.

Another unique feature is the two-story wine library. A modern steel staircase and balcony add storage space for the many international wine varieties Harris
Teeter stocks. "It is a creative way to make sure we have someone's favorite wine for any occasion while making the best use of this tall space," adds Lentz. A wine steward will also be on hand at this store to assist customers with wine for a party of two or twenty.

Working closely with the Uptown neighborhoods helped Harris Teeter and our entire team of architects and designers create a full-service food market that isn't just good design it's a perfect fit for the community it serves. We're excited to throw open our doors and meet our new neighbors.

The store's revised hours of operation are 6:00am - 11:00pm everyday to accommodate early morning shoppers who would like a quick bite to eat or a hot cup of coffee on their way to work.