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This Week – The Cash Crew Stopped in Charlotte, NC

Harris Teeter's Brand $100,000 Give Away is back for Summer 2003!

Charlotte, NC - This week there are two top winners in the Harris Teeter 100,000 Give Away.

Thomas Taylor of Charlotte was our big winner with $9,500 and Gerald Blue of Charlotte won $2,000.

We gave Thomas and Gerald $500 for having their VIC card. $1,000 for any one Harris Teeter Rancher Beef item and $100 for each Harris Teeter Brand item that they had in their kitchen. Harris Teeter Brand Products are those products sold under the following specific brand names: Harris Teeter, More Value, Top Care, Harris Teeter Traders, Hunter Farms, Highland Crest, Premier Selection, and Harris Teeter Naturals.

"It's our way of showing our customers that we appreciate their business and it helps us raise awareness of our Harris Teeter brand products, their quality, and value," said Fred Morganthall, President of Harris Teeter. Their value can be huge if you're chosen and the Cash Crew goes through your kitchen - so be ready!

Other winners who weren't home to claim their prizes won $500 each for shopping with their VIC card.