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This Week - The Cash Crew Stopped in Cornelius, NC

Harris Teeter's Brand $100,000 Give Away is back for Summer 2003!

Charlotte, NC - This week there are two top winners in the Harris Teeter 100,000 Give Away.

Susan Parks won $7,800.00 and Keith & Ann Davis won $3,700.00 from the Harris Teeter Cash Crew this weekend!

We gave Susan and Keith $500 for having their VIC card. $1,000 for any one Harris Teeter Rancher Beef item and $100 for each Harris Teeter Brand item that they had in their kitchen. Harris Teeter Brand Products are those products sold under the following specific brand names: Harris Teeter, More Value, Top Care, Harris Teeter Traders, Hunter Farms, Highland Crest, Premier Selection, and Harris Teeter Naturals.