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Self Checkout at the Grocery Comes to Virginia Beach
Harris Teeter Opens U-Scan

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – Feb. 22, 2002 --- The Harris Teeter grocery store located at Princess Anne Plaza, 3333 Virginia Beach Blvd, is boasting a new feature that allows customers to check out their own groceries.

Called "U-Scan," the self-checkout unit allows customers with any size orders to handle the entire checkout process.

"People are starved for time today, so we wanted to offer them another alternative for checking out quickly," said Jessica Graham, Harris Teeter's corporate relations manager.

With U-Scan, customers can scan and pay for their groceries at the unit using a credit card, cash or check. There is no involvement from a cashier unless identification is needed for alcohol or tobacco purchases.

Harris Teeter has 56 other U-Scans operating in stores throughout its marketing area.

Harris Teeter, Inc., with headquarters in Matthews, N.C., is a subsidiary of Ruddick Corporation (NYSE:RDK). Harris Teeter is ranked as one of the top 50 largest supermarkets in the United States with fiscal year 2001 sales of $2.4 billion. The grocery store chain employs about 14,000 people and has 141 stores in North and South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida.