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Employment Diversity
We believe our future and strength is in our ability to understand as well as value the differences of our associates and the customers we serve. Ensuring diversity in the workforce is an integral part of our business strategy.

We believe diversity is more than the "right thing to do." We believe it's a business requirement -- we have to be diverse in order to meet the needs of our customers. By creating a work environment that benefits from people with different experiences, skills and backgrounds, and where everyone has the opportunity to contribute, we're a better company.


We believe diversity is simply all those ways in which we differ. Our differences are physical such as race, gender, age and disability. They also include more subtle differences such as education, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, personal background, cultural heritage and work styles.

We believe in supporting community organizations that share our commitment to valuing the differences of individuals.

We believe it's important to work with a diverse group of suppliers and vendors. We have a diverse customer base with a wide range of needs, so it's vital that our workforce and those we work with reflect that diversity.

We believe diversity takes action. We're taking that action by demonstrating our commitment to diversity at all management levels. We're raising the cultural consciousness throughout the organization through education, and we're letting others know of our commitment - hoping to attract theirs. We're integrating diversity into all our business systems and practices. And we're establishing accountability for diversity and measuring our progress.

We believe diversity works.