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Career Stories
Mark Reid - Store Director Mark Reid - District Manager

I have been working for Harris Teeter since 1987 and began my career in the distribution center as a selector while I attended college. I quickly realized that Harris Teeter had a lot to offer and was a company were I could advance. After three years of working in distribution, I decided to move to the retail side of the business and began working as a dairy/frozen clerk. In just a short time, I was able to learn the retail side of the business and was accepted into the management training program.

I was in store management for 16 years. While a store director I received the "Distinguished Store Manager" award twice and the Betty La Fone Customer Service award once. I was also in the one, two and three million dollar club for most of my career as a store director.

I am currently a District Manager in the Southern Region. Harris Teeter is a company that I can truly say I am proud to be a part of because of what we stand for: an Incredible Place to Work and Shop.

Christy Hubbard - Operations Manager Christy Hubbard - Operations Manager

I joined Harris Teeter as a cashier in 1988. Since then, I have held positions as Cashier, Customer Service Clerk and Assistant Customer Service Manager before entering the Management Development Program (MDP) in 1996. After completing the MDP program, I was placed as a Store Co-Manager and was then promoted to the position of Store Manager in 1998.

I was named Progressive Grocer’s Outstanding Chain Store Manager in January 2002 and achieved recognition as a Distinguished Store Manager for the company in the same year.

In 2005, I was promoted to the position of Operations Manager for the Southern Region.

I continue to pursue personal development by taking various executive and professional development courses. I enjoy my career at Harris Teeter because I agree with the company’s values and enjoy the teamwork approach. I also appreciate that Harris Teeter is dedicated to superior customer service.

Jill Frieary - District Manager Jill Frieary - District Manager

Since joining Harris Teeter in 1989, I have been a part of a great company that strongly believes in developing and educating their associates - from the extensive computer training for all our hourly positions to the soft skills training we provide to our dept managers and store mgt teams. I have also been allowed to participate in executive leadership training.

Joining Harris Teeter is like marrying into a family. Everyone supports each other and provides guidance and coaching along the way. Associates are recognized for the excellent work they do in numerous ways; from Associate of the Month, to profit sharing checks, to prizes for being in the million dollar clubs!

Opportunities are limitless within our organization. I personally started as a full time produce clerk and have worked my way to district manager. If you have the interest and desire, the sky is the limit with this company and the best is yet to come. We are entering into new markets and opening new stores throughout our existing markets.

Manny Perez - Store Director Manny Perez - Store Director

I started working with Harris Teeter in December 2001 at Store #30 Arboretum under the MDP program. After completing my training, I was promoted to an assistant manager. I was given the challenge of working at several locations, stores #061 East Boulevard and #147 Plantation Market. In 2003 while working at store #147, I went through the Co-Manager Certification program.

In 2004 I was promoted to store manager and had the privilege of working at Mint Hill #001. During my tenure at Mint Hill, I participated in the Store Director Certification program and was promoted to Store Director.

In the summer of 2005, I was challenged with opening one of Harris Teeter's new flagship stores #174 Mintworth Commons. In 2007 I was promoted to store #249 Wesley Chapel.

Working for Harris Teeter has be a very rewarding career move for me. Harris Teeter has challenged me in just about every way, to be the best, because that is what they stand for. I enjoy working for a company that cares for quality in every sense of the word, for empowering me and our associates to provide the best customer service available anywhere and for providing me with the challenging opportunity to prove myself and grow with the company.

Pam Vinson - Customer Service Manager Pam Vinson - Customer Service Manager

I started out in October of 1990 as a part time cashier. Within six months, I was promoted to a full time office assistant and within a year with the company, I was made a store accountant. I stayed this position for about two years and was promoted to Front end Manager at store 243.

Within a year, I moved to store 201 as front end manager where I remained until stepping down to scanning coordinator in 1998. I was the scanning coordinator at store 45 for about a year, before taking that store's Customer Service Manager (CSM) position.

I stayed at store 45 for seven years, went to 157 for three months and then moved to store 30 where I've been since June of 2005. I enjoy working on the front end, because there are so many different roles I perform in one day.

I know as long as I continue to give 100% and follow Harris Teeter's expectations for customer service, that the opportunity is always here for me to further my career. For now, I'm happy in my current position.

Ted Harrington - Manager of Diversity Ted Harrington - Benefits Manager

I started at Harris Teeter in February of 1999 as a 21 year old cashier. After a couple of weeks, I moved to customer service and the accounting office. I did this for about 2 ½ months before being promoted to an Assistant Customer Service Manager. When I was in my role for only 3 months, an opportunity came open for me to run my own department at store 208 in Charlotte. I was a Customer Service Manager for a year and a half for two different stores. In February 2001, I was promoted into the Management Development Program and spent the next 5 years working as a Co-Manager at four different stores including our super flagship store 160. In April 2006, I was selected to work in our diversity department as Manager of Diversity, and in 2010, I became Benefits Manager, where I am currently.

I choose to remain at Harris Teeter because it is a company that cares about its associates, whether it is through our profit sharing or benefits, or like when my Identity was stolen and everyone from my RVP, DM, Store Manager, and even the VP of Loss Prevention did everything they could to help me. I am loyal to Harris Teeter because Harris Teeter is loyal to me.