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Purchase these items and more BOGO FREE with your VIC card this week
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Save $10 instantly when you buy all 6 items!
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New lower prices on our Farmers Market produce
Purchase these items and more BOGO FREE with your VIC card this weekSave $10 instantly when you buy all 6 items!New lower prices on our Farmers Market produce
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Fish and Pregna...
Should you eat fish when pregnant? Join Dr. Russ and Beth as they discuss some of the new research suggesting that eating fish high in Omega 3s may be more essential to the health of both mother and child than previously believed.
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Express Lane
Add time to your day by doing your grocery shopping online with Harris Teeter's Express Lane service!
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Frozen is Fresh
Explore Harris Teeter's frozen food offerings with Dr. Russ and Beth Avery
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Sat Fats are Back
There's been updated research on saturated fats and heart disease. Are you curious to hear more? Click to explore this area with Dr. Russ and Beth.
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Mike Tompkins 2...
A capella musician Mike Tompkins delivers another fine performance for Harris Teeter!
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Shopping Made E...
Like easy? Then you're going to love HT Mobile! From the easy to use shopping lists, to the weekly e-VIC Top 10 and Friday Savings alerts, this app makes checking all of that, you guessed it, easy! You can use your e-VIC coupons, view harris Tee...
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Harris Teeter P...
Check out more information about Harris Teeter's Pharmacy on our website!
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VIC Rapid Enrol...
View this video to learn about a great new way to sign up for VIC, eVIC and to manage your VIC information.
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Chef Prepared D...
Join Chef Peter Dow as he introduces this new line of great, fresh Harris Teeter products!
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Introducing the...
We're proud to introduce another great way to access all of your e-VIC specials and e-VIC Coupons, Pharmacy information, TIE schools, and online shopping information right on your computer. It's the HT Portal!
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